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The Client

Background of the

Akredo.pl is the first in Poland credits and loans online platform that delivers to the user a individual offers from 12 banks in 24h with one application form. Akredo’s main products are consolidations loans but they offer also standard bank credits and short-term loans. Startup has been founded in 2014 and we are honored to be responsible for its growth in Search Engine from the early beginning.

Cooperation Period: 2014–2018

Scope of the project

Tools we've used for efficiency

Google Search Ads

Google Display Ads

YouTube Ads


Problems we have faced

Highly Competitive Market

Starting the campaign we were aware of high market saturation and competition for client’s targeted keywords. First months were for us extremely challenging. We had to win with a dominance of big banks and financial platforms with huge budgets.

Limited Budget & Resources

Like in the most of statups in a Seed stage the problems were also limited budget and resources. We had to adopt lean-startup and lean-analytics thinking to survive in this extremely competitive market.


How we with the problems

Structure Segmentation with SKAGs Model

At the beginning we adopted a top-down approach, starting with one campaign and 12 AdGroups including mixed keywords match types. Once we received some data we decided to segment keywords following the ‘Single Keyword AdGroups (SKAGs) technique and write customized ads copies, that corresponded better with keywords. Due to that team could improve quality scores and effectively manage bids on AdGroups level reacting to market fluctuations.

Extreme Account Granulation

1st campaign has been splitted into 2 separate – depending on lost of impression share and traffic volume AdGroups. Due to that AdGroups which cannibalized a daily budget and traffic gave more space to less popular keywords. But then segmented it even deeply into 64 separate campaigns due to location targeting and demographics insights.

Bid Management

Once we built an expected History of the Account Quality Score through the structure manipulation, team started our secret, daily manual bid management strategy. Which elevated results under the roof.

- 0 %
Decrease in CPC
1 x
Monthly Leads Growth
- 10 %
Average CPL

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