How we increased online sales over 40% Y/Y in span of 3 years

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The Client

Background of the

KitchenAid is an American home appliance brand owned by Whirlpool Corporation. The company was started in 1919 by The Hobart Corporation to produce stand mixers. For nearly a century, KitchenAid has been Serious About Food and its products represent the perfect mix of professional performance, artisan quality and iconic design. The brand and its products are present in homes all-over the world. Over the last 100 years KitchenAid mixers become an essential and the most recognizable kitchen equipment.

Project period: Ongoing from 2016

Scope of the project

Tools we've used for efficiency

Google Search Ads

Google Display Ads

Social Media Ads

YouTube Ads


Problems we have faced


Despite our client is an official KitchenAid distributor we have to compete with a wide range of retailers from big shops like MediaMarkt, Saturn, Mediaexpert (local matches of BestBuy) to small and mid-size online stores, and market places like Allegro (eBuy equivalent).

Product Price

Due to costs of import and duty taxes KitchenAid equipment is relatively quite expensive comparing it to US or UK market. Its cost equals to 1/3 or ½ of typical salary in Poland. It makes that the products are affordable for narrow group of customers.

Customer Journey

The products price makes that Customer Journey to purchase is much longer longer than usually for other brands in the same category. Customers tend to compare prices in other shops and market places so the Retention Campaigns are crucial to win-back the clients on the last stage of path.


How we with the problems

User Segmentation

​We did a complete Google Analytics setup and basing on the Marketing Funnel created a highly-segmented audiences. We took into account a different factors determining a quality of audiences and their likelihood to convert into customers.

Multi-Channel Execution

We decided to employ all possible PPC channels starting with a highly-granular Google Search Ads structure, Google Shopping, Display Banners, Facebook and Instagram Ads and ending with YouTube Ads.

Retention Campaign

Due to well-segmented audiences we were able to run a crafted remarketing campaigns and retain traffic. Only this part of our activities increased sales over 20% in the firs year of cooperation.

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Decrease in CPC
10 %
Increase in Online Sales (1st year)
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