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How we generated 3083% ROI for the Football Club Legia Warsaw F.C.

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The Client

Background of the

​Legia Warsaw is one of the oldest and the most titled Polish soccer clubs. The frequent participant of UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League 2016/2017. Current Champion of National League and the major club in the country. It is not only a great sport organization but also a huge corporation which hires over 120 employees and generates millions of euros of annual income from merchandising and ticket sales.

Project period: Laegue Seasons 2013/2014; 2014/2015; half of 2015/2016

Scope of the project

Tools we've used for efficiency

Google Search Ads

Google Display Ads

Remarketing Ads

YouTube Ads


Problems we have faced

Irregular Match Attendance

Our client's main problem was irregularity in ticket and fan store sales. There are over 250 000 fans with valid fan cards living in the city of Warsaw, but only 60% of them attend the matches and most of them do it only once in the season.

Dispersed Data

The main marketing problem was an accurate user tracking. Customers use multiple devices and Google Analytics recognize them as different visitors. Moreover, football fans are difficult audience to target with a direct response ads. Huge majority of them is visiting the website just to read some news about club and the team life which makes it difficult to map their purchasing intent.


How we with the problems

User Segmentation

We made up the Google Analytics setup and prepared a highly-segmented audiences based on different behaviours such as ferquency of returns to the websites, parts of the website they spent the most of the time, events of signing in ticecting system and buying actions in the Fan Store.

Highly-granular Google Ads Structure

We designed a highly-granular Google Ads account structure based on remarketing lists we did in Google Analytics. We used a Single Keyword AdGroups in Search for a maximum efficency and upgraded it with a mirror campaigns in RLSA.

New Pricing Model

While we were working on the digital setup, client’s team came up with an innovative idea of seling tickets in bundles for following 4 games as a less obligatory solution than season tickets. From a marketing perspective we enhanced this idea with creating a dedicated landing pages in cooperatin with client’s design team.

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Pure ROI
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