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The Client

Background of the is a Saas web application for web developers. Tool increases software development speed and developers effectiveness. App provides number of functions that let automatically assemble and deploy to backend to the cloud instantaneously – all while you build your app.
Startup has raised $ 5M in Round A and started an user acquisition campaign with self-learned inhouse team.

Project period: Ongoing from 2015

Scope of the project

Tools we've used for efficiency

Google Search Ads

Google Display Ads

YouTube Ads


Problems we have faced

Niche product

Syncano is definitively a niche product that aims to B2B segment and freelancing programmers. Moreover there is really low awareness of solutions like Syncano so there are not many web searches with exact queries about this type of solutions.

Complicated Conversion Path

Difficulties in campaigns for Saas product lay in multi-stage sales funnel which can be divided into pre-acquisition and post-acquisition parts. Each of them demands from marketers to use different web analytics techniques to track users between channels, website or landing page and web app as product itself.


How we with the problems

Google Ads Account Redesign

An account audit we did for a client before the campaign showed that we need to re-built whole structure. The main challange was to find a keywords that might resonate with developers queries and the product.

Due to low service awareness and market saturation we decided to target keywords broadly in terms of user intent and search motivation.

That led us to the top-down approach in terms of building a new account structure and further optimization.

Keywords Segmentation

In case so niche, B2B product designed for developers to map keyword opportunities we had to get an industry insights first.

On this stage we worked really close to our client in-house team. We had two workshops with a client’s team to meet a specific terminology that a desired customers use, terms and keywords they might to use to search a problem solution.

Users Segmentation & Search Remarketing

The first campaign built by client’s in-house team was oriented only on the acquisition.

Due to our expertise from other projects we were sure that enriching our strategy in remarketing would bring us 20-30% of the new sign-ups.

We used both Remarketing in Search Ads (RLSA) and in Google Display Network starting with standard segments of:
• Users who visited a landing page
• Users who left a sign-up form

- 0 %
Decrease in CPC
- 10 %
Cost of User Acquisition
2 x
Increase of Conversion Rate in Search

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